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September 05, 2022 1 min read

Times have changed, as they continue to do. But one thing that remains the same is need for quality, affordable, and healthy feminine hygiene products that meet a woman’s/girls needs. The shocking reality is that the average woman uses around 12,000 disposable pads/tampons in her lifetime. Collectively this amounts to over 20 billion menstrual products becoming disposed of in landfills every year. On top of the financial and environmental impacts of using pads/tampons, there remains ongoing health concerns with using traditional products. Not to mention the large number of women in underprivileged communities who simply do not have access to feminine hygiene products, typically because of finances.

“The average woman uses around 12,000 disposable pads/tampons in her lifetime, amounting to over 20 billion menstrual products arriving in landfills every year.”

It is estimated that globally, over 500 million women and girls do not have access to menstrual products. Of the 23+ million women and girls living in poverty within the United States, upwards of two-thirds of them cannot afford menstrual products. The average female can spend over $300 per year on feminine hygiene products, collectively amounting to more than $2 billion each year. Such a disparity is what has led to ongoing dilemma known as “Period Poverty“.

Catch Cup is doing their part to combat this sociological epidemic by providing safer alternatives such as menstrual cups, partnering with other organizations serving underprivileged communities, and engaging in civic activities that are aimed at educating, equipping, and empowering women and girls. No girl/woman should go without the hygiene products they need to live life to the fullest. Catch Cup is here to make that a reality.